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Delhi Might Get A Third Airport By 2040 Guys & Here's Why!



There’s a lot happening in regards to the IGI Airport, don’t you think? The airport is soon gonna add another terminal to it and make travelling easier and congestion free for us peeps. Not only that, the airport has been declared the best in the entire world! But apart from the IGI Airport, you’ll have two more airports to be proud of in the city soon. Read ahead!

What’s Brewing At The IGI Airport? | According to the Ministry Of Civil Aviation, Delhi will get a third airport by 2040 and that’s just so awesome! The ministry said that even the second airport in Delhi will reach its saturation point in the next 10-15 years and then we would require a third airport for congestion-free travel. Woah!

The IGI Airport handled 63.5 million passengers in 2017 (which is unbelievable!) and is expected to reach 70 million by this year. So it might have to operate beyond its full capacity. It definitely is one of the busiest airports in the world, guys! Isn’t that so cool?!

Not only Delhi but even Mumbai might get a third airport by 2040. Also, 31 other cities in India will get two airports by this time. Hmm, we’re gonna see some massive growth in travel and that’s pretty exciting!

We can’t wait for Delhi to launch its third airport so that we can travel seamlessly and comfortably!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times