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Delhi MIGHT Be Traffic Jam Free By 2020 (Really?!) As Per Delhi Police - Here're The Deets!

Delhi Insider 12 Sept 2018


No doubt we love our city to bits but the one thing that really drives us up the wall is the horrible traffic here. Going from one place to another is such a pain and some stretches like the Chirag Delhi flyover, Ashram crossing and South Ex seriously give us nightmares. But we’ve heard good times might be in the offing on this front. Read ahead to know what we’re going on about!

Delhi To Be Traffic Jam Free?! Whaa? | The Delhi Police has recently announced that the city is all set to become traffic jam free in the next two years. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, at least that’s what the Delhi Police claims. So, a task force constituted by the Lieutenant Governor has identified 77 bottlenecks in Delhi, which have been categorized into three corridors - 28 highly congested ones which fall under category A, 30 congested ones that are part of category B and 19 mildly congested which form category C. 

Short term measures to reduce traffic in the city, like improvements in road geometrics, will take six to eight months to be completed. And long-term measures like over-bridges, underpasses and U-turns are likely to be finished in 12 months. Priority is being given to category A corridors as of now. 

The Delhi Police has also mentioned that they’re in the process of formulating a policy in order to clear all the impounded vehicles that are currently lying at various police stations across the capital. 

The Delhi Police has submitted the time-bound action plan to the Supreme Court about the same and they were surely able to convince them about Delhi becoming traffic jam free by 2020. So, we’re also waiting with our fingers crossed for this to happen soon. Life in the city is gonna get so much better if this come true! 

Sourced Via Economic Times