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Delhi Metro's Ridership Has Risen To Its Original 28 Lakhs Mark After 1 Whole Year


Hola fellow Delhizens! Have you been following the news off late? Well if you have, you must have read about Delhi Metro’s hovering, and sometimes decreasing, ridership over the last few months. But now, it looks like the metro has finally managed to retain its original ridership mark. Read on for deets!

Delhi Metro - Home To 28 Lakh Riders?! | After seeing decreasing ridership for nearly a year, Delhi Metro has finally reclaimed the 28 Lakhs passenger mark that it earlier boasted of. So basically, the metro’s a popular choice in the city and there’s just no denying it!

The rise in ridership, from what metro officials have gathered, happened primarily because metro rides have become easier and more efficient with a number of interchange stations popping up. Delhi Metro is going to carry out a study with Urban Mass Transit Company that’ll help them in finding out ways to improve the daily working of the metro. The study will also look at the availability of other modes of transport outside the metro stations.

This initiative comes at a time when the metro is finally seeing a stability in its ridership, which was as high as 29 Lakhs in February but hovered between 26-27 Lakhs in September last year. The ridership did see a considerable dip in October 2017, but since May this year, the numbers have risen, which is great news!

The increase in ridership is also due to opening up of new metro lines, like the Magenta and Pink Lines. In 2018 itself, 57 new corridors have been thrown open, like Botanical Garden-Janakpuri West, Majlis Park-Shiv Vihar and more.

The fall and rise of ridership, as metro officials explained, depends on the fare for sure, but also on other modes of transport. For example, we Delhizens might prefer cabs to metros in spite of increased fares, because the former provides us door-to-door transportation. Fair enough!

In any case, congrats to Delhi Metro (our forever bae)!

Sourced Via The Times Of India