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Delhi Metro Will Start Services From 4 AM On Voting Day!


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You people know that the city is gearing up for elections, right? Well, we just heard that to make sure you reach your voting centre on time, this is what the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is doing this on Election Day.

Get Inked | So, according to DMRC’s Insta story, these lovely folks have announced that in order to facilitate the polling personnel and others reach their destinations on time, the Delhi metro services will begin as early as 4 AM in the morning. This is being done specifically for Saturday, the 8th of February, i.e., Election Day as it will help in the movement of people on a day when it’s not easy to get public transport!

Sounds like a piece of great news, doesn’t it? So get out of your cushy home, get to the polling station and make your vote count, fellas!