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Delhi Metro To Install Biometric Scanners For Discounted Rides For Students & Senior Citizens


Delhizens, a lil birdy just told us that riding the Delhi Metro is going to get cheaper! A new development suggests that the price hike in 2017 which left all of us dejected might just give way to the DMRC’s plans of installing biometric scanners at metro gates. Read on to know what all the buzz is about!

Installation of Biometric Scanners | DMRC has finally found a solution to ensure concessions to a select category of passengers - students and senior citizens - of the Delhi Metro. In this technology-based solution, the corporation plans to install a biometric ticketing system at metro gates which will also act as registration devices for passengers. With this revolutionary move, the DMRC plans on enhancing metro security in addition to providing discounts and concessions. If this development is implemented, travellers will be able to get individual smart cards issued with their pre-recorded biometric data which is not possible in the current system.

Well, Delhi Metro is always here to make our lives simpler and here’s to hoping this new ticketing-system is implemented so we get another reason to love it even more!

Sourced Via Times Of India