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Delhi Metro Smart Cards Soon To Be Non-Transferable With Biometric Linking


Guys, soon you might not be able to share metro cards with others as the DMRC might make the Delhi Metro smart cards non-transferable by linking them to a biometric system. (Wait, what?) Yep, that’s true! Read on to find out more about it!

No More Sharing Is Caring? | Delhi Metro smart cards might soon be linked to a biometric system, thus, making them non-transferable. Although the method of linking the metro cards has not been confirmed to the public yet this would, further, help the Delhi Metro provide concessions and discounts to students and senior citizens. Plus, this would also accelerate and facilitate smart card top-ups and recharges, that currently takes a while longer as the purchase has to be validated at the metro ticketing counter.

DMRC has been working on improving the ticketing services at Delhi Metro by providing unique smart cards and has also collaborated with Uber to launch public transport services in India. Plus, electric scooter renting services have been started at four Delhi Metro stations in the month of October that will allow dock-less, key-less and smokeless scooter rentals on per-minute pricing through the app of a start-up called qQuick. Besides, the Delhi Metro has also partnered with Yulu to deploy 5,000 electric, non-motorised vehicles at the metro stations by the end of this year to ensure last-mile connectivity.

So, seems like the Delhi Metro plans to make the city well-connected and provide its passengers with comfy and pampered metro rides!

Sourced Via Inc42