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Delhi Metro Set To Become 1st Network In The World To Run 100% On Solar Energy By 2021


Delhi Metro is used by tens of thousands of people every day and is generally regarded as the most reliable form of public transport. A lot goes into operating such a huge system and to make a significant effort in promoting the use of sustainable resources, DMRC has taken a huge step - here’s the scoop!

World’s First All-Green Transit System | In an attempt to promote the use of solar energy, Delhi Metro is set to run COMPLETELY on solar energy (NICE!) by 2021, peeps. By taking on this revolutionary change, Delhi’s metro rail system will be the first green transit system in the world, which is an amazing feat to achieve! With this shift to cleaner energy, DMRC would save more than Rs 41 crores if all goes smoothly. 

This big move was announced when DMRC signed a power purchase agreement with Madhya Pradesh-based Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd (RUMSL) to get green power from the latter to run its trains. This would meet almost all of its daily electricity needs making it extremely beneficial for the capital city, which is already infamous for being one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Well, we’re super proud that the DMRC is taking such a huge step to promote sustainability!

Sourced Via Millenium Post