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Delhi Metro Museum Is The 1st In The World To Be Constructed Within An Operational Metro Station!

Did you know that the uniforms worn by the Delhi Metro officials were designed by the elite National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)? Or that for every tree it uproots for construction, the DMRC plants 11 new trees? Interesting facts like this adorn the walls of the Delhi Metro Museum situated inside the Patel Chowk Metro Station of Delhi Metro.

The only museum in the world to have been installed within an operational metro station as well as South Asia’s first modern metro museum, it was built within a span of barely two months. The museum, through a series of display panels, photographs, exhibits and inscriptions, showcases the rich history of the Delhi Metro, from inception and design to construction and its immediate success. Museums of this kind are only present in a few other cities in Europe, Japan and the United States (US), besides New Delhi.

Background & Facts

One doesn’t even have to check out of the station in order to be able to visit the museum, as it is conveniently built on the station concourse. At the entrance, the Delhi Metro Mascot, a little girl wearing a uniform, standing with hands folded in the traditional namaste greets you humbly. Panels displaying information about the metro’s history as well as interesting and relatively lesser-known facts about its functioning and work culture grace the walls. Where else do you think you’d get to know that the metro employees actually take inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita!

On Display

A beautiful handcrafted model of the metro train kept enclosed in a glass tube at the museum is a favourite. It’s made to the utmost perfection, so much so that if you peer in from the windows, you’ll find even the seats carved to pin-point accuracy. There’s also a model of the tunnel-boring machine that is used to dig underground tunnels to lay the metro lines, along with sound recordings for people to hear.

Also on display are some rare photographs of celebrities and important people who have travelled on the metro, like the city’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, chess grandmaster Viswanathan Anand, various Cabinet Ministers as well as several foreign dignitaries. An illuminated map of the various metro lines, as well as various prestigious awards bagged by the metro for its ingenious design and eco-friendliness are present too.

Taking You Through Its Journey

There are elaborate sections on the innumerable problems encountered during construction, the round-the-clock activity of the whole system as well as the technological marvels that the metro has delivered over the years. To add to all the impressiveness, there are two touchscreen computers playing the DMRC corporate movie and animations describing the different processes that go into building the metro tunnels and infrastructure. It’s a real treat to learn about all the creativity and extensive planning that goes into building a modern public transportation system of such a level.

The museum remains closed on Mondays and also has a souvenir shop that has on sale metro neckties, badges, bookmarks, tie pins, key chains, books as well as models of the Delhi Metro in different sizes for visitors to proudly take home.

Come and learn everything you didn’t know about Delhi’s lifeblood - apni Dilli Metro!

Location | Delhi Metro Museum - Inside Patel Chowk Metro Station