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Delhi Metro Is Said To Be The 1st Metro Project To Receive Power From Waste-To-Energy Means


The DMRC has taken yet another sustainable approach towards the environment by becoming the first-ever metro project to receive power from waste-to-energy (WtE) plant, and here’s all you need to know about it!

Something To Be Proud Of | The DMRC has started receiving power since the beginning of June from the facility at Vinod Nagar Receiving Sub-Station (RSS) for running the Pink Line. They’ve been working towards the preservation of the environment since the very beginning and have hence started receiving power (2 MW) from a 12 MW capacity plant in Ghazipur. From what we’ve heard, this will be the first attempt by any metro corporation in the country to accrue power from WtE, which is pretty rad! Additionally, this move contributes to the Swachh Bharat Mission and we couldn’t be happier.

They will draw approx. 17.5 MUs per annum of power from this unit and the modern facility can process over 1,500 tonnes per day (TPD) of waste and generate a whopping 12 MW of green power. Set up by East Delhi Waste Processing Company Limited (EDWPCL), this plant will decrease over 8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHG) - wow!

Presently, for its functioning, DMRC produced solar power from various rooftop panels set up in its stations, residential premises and depots! Plus, they have also started receiving solar power from an off-site plant at Rewa in MP - which is awesome. Did you know DMRC plants 10 trees for every tree they cut and an approximate of 4 lakh vehicles have been removed from the roads due to Delhi Metro?

Another facility with a capacity of 150 tonnes per day has been approved in Rohini for recycling of construction and demolition waste materials - nice. Looks like the DMRC is defo doing its bit towards creating awareness about the importance of waste management. Kudos!

Sourced Via The Indian Express