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Delhi Metro Gets Its 1st Women's Convenience Lounge At Barakhamba Metro Station


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As a mother it becomes a daunting task to travel with your child, but if the baby is less than a year old? Well, it’s even more difficult. But this initiative by the Delhi Metro might just make it a tad bit easy for you.

For A Bit Of Ease | In a round of good news, we just heard that the Barakhamba Road Metro Station got a ‘women’s convenience lounge’. This is a first in terms of Delhi Metro and will choose to address several issues faced by women. 

The 100-square feet lounge at the metro station which falls on the Blue Line offers the facility for breastfeeding, has a diaper changing centre and free sanitary napkin vending machine. One can easily access the lounge at gate number 1 of this station as it is now fully functional.

What do you think about this move?

Sourced Via The Times Of India