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Delhi Just Got Its Third Lush Biodiversity Park At Tilpat Valley Spread Over 69 Whopping Acres


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Picture Credits: Beparwah Parinda

Delhi just got another green belt with the new biodiversity park in town at Tilpat Valley! Having been inaugurated last weekend, the Tilpat Valley Biodiversity Park is the third green space of its kind after Yamuna and Aravalli Biodiversity parks developed by the Delhi Development Authority. 

Here’s All The Deets | This park is nestled between Tughlakabad and Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, and is spread over 69 acres of space. The landscape includes grasslands and a hilly terrain housing 105 plant species, 103 birds, 32 butterflies, 15 herpetofauna and 8 mammalian species as of now! WOAH! 

One of the more abundantly found species here is Indian Rock Python, Small Cats, Jackals and Nilgai. Locals have been said to have spotted leopards also here and medicinal plants of the biodiversity park will be used for product development by pharmaceutical companies. 

Sounds good to us! It’s a great initiative to preserve nature and our ecosystem. 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times