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Delhi Is 1st On The List Of The 50 Most Polluted Cities In The World According To This AQ Report


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Post-Diwali the city woke up to a cloud of thick hazy smoke that had engulfed the entire city. This time of the year often sees a blanket of smog that grips the city in its clutches owing to multiple reasons. And a recent report by IQ Air Visual has put our city on the top of a not so good list.

Not The Best List To Be On | IQ Air Quality is a portal that tracks air quality and pollution across the globe and a recent report which ranked the cities on the basis of the real-time air quality put New Delhi on top of the list for the most polluted cities in the world. The list included 50 most polluted countries, with Delhi having an AQI of 422 around 9 PM on Wednesday, the 30th of October. It was followed by Lahore (Pakistan) and Hanoi (Vietnam). The alarming part is that the AQI has increased since then and has touched 459 which falls under the ‘severe plus’ or ‘emergency’ category. 

The quality of air in our city has been proclaimed as a serious risk to the respiratory system, as per the report. It provided advisory by asking the people to avoid stepping outside and taking part in outdoor activities. There were other Indian cities that found themselves on the list including Kolkata at number ten (AQI 158) and Mumbai at number 28 (AQI 99).

Let’s hope we can rectify this situation together!

Sourced Via NDTV