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Delhi High Court Has Issued Notice Seeking Lowering Of Legal Drinking Age From 25 To 18/21



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Are you one of those peeps who’s unhappy with the current legal age drinking being 25, as opposed to many other cities where the age bar is lower? We feel you. But guess what! We may soon see a change in this - read on for deets.

What’s Happening? | So the Delhi High Court recently issued a notice to the Delhi Government seeking that the legal drinking age be lowered from the current 25 years to 18 or 21 years. Hmm, that sounds like good news! Since the minimum age for marriage, driving, voting and more is 18-21 years, the High Court has sought response from the government regarding reworking this particular law in consonance with the other laws prevailing in other states across the country. 

We applaud the High Court for taking this step!

Sourced Via Live Law