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Delhi Govt. Will Be Putting In 1,000 Hotspots For FREE WiFi All Across The Capital! *NAICE*


All you Dilliwallas! We have some good news in store for you. You may soon have FREE WiFi all across the capital city, peeps! 

Here’s What’s Happening | In their recent budget, the Delhi Government has allocated Rs 100 crores to provide free WiFi to all us Delhizens! *Super duper cool!* However, the government hasn’t announced any deadline for the installation of WiFi hotspots throughout the capital yet. 

Earlier, the government had set March 2018 as the deadline for the first phase of installation of free WiFi facilities. However, the government said it is looking into 3-4 different WiFi models and will come up with a deadline soon. 

Meanwhile, Rs 25 crores has been sanctioned for the first phase of the project and as per the IT department, 1,000 hot-spots will be created throughout the capital for providing free WiFi to us in this phase! 

Now that is really something to look forward to, isn’t it? Here’s hoping that we get to enjoy these free WiFi services soon!

Sourced Via NDTV