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Delhi Govt. Schools Will Soon Have Book Banks For Reuse Of Discarded Textbooks And We Approve!

City Wire 29 Apr 2018


As another school session comes to an end, we all know the fate of our textbooks- they go to the scrap collector. With maybe a pencil mark or two, these textbooks tend to get wasted year after year. *Sad sigh!* But now, things might just change as the Delhi government has asked government schools to set up a book bank under the Eco Club in every school. Read on!

What’s It All About ? | The Book Bank will serve dual purposes. The used textbooks in the Book Bank can be reused by underprivileged students at subsidised rates or for free, who otherwise may not have the resources to purchase brand new textbooks for themselves every year. 

Also, the printing of new books costs a hell lot, in terms of paper cost, printer expenses and other forms of expenditure. And after all this trouble, the textbook probably ends at a Bhel stall somewhere in the lanes of Delhi. This Book Bank can help minimize this wastage. 

We think this a great move by the Delhi government to reduce wastage and make textbooks available to underprivileged students at a cheap rate. Way to go, Delhi Government! 

Sourced Via The Better India