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Delhi Govt. Plans To Install Sanitary Napkin Incinerators In 3,204 Toilets Of 553 Schools

Delhi Insider 16 July 2020


Menstruation is still a taboo topic in our country, and the issues related to the same are often brushed under the carpet. But to promote better hygiene, this is what the Delhi Government is planning to do in schools. 

A Step Towards Hygiene | The AAP Government is planning to install sanitary napkin incinerators (SNI) which is a small machine that burns used napkins to ashes. The plan is to install this in 3,204 toilets of 553 schools including both girls & co-ed ones. The system will not only promote a hygienic way of disposal but will also help in the generation of electricity or even reduce plastic waste.

All teachers and students (from classes 5th - 12th) will be trained to use this machine. Besides, it will also make life easier for ragpickers who till this date segregate waste by hand, thereby exposing themselves to several kinds of illnesses. 

What do you think about this move?

Sourced Via The New Indian Express