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Delhi Govt. Just Launched An App To Discover Singing & Dancing Talent So Put Your Game Face On



All you talented peeps, put your hands in the air! Looks like Delhi Government is really serious about promoting talent, especially amongst the youth, and we’re loving them for this. So all you dancers and singers out there, get ready! 

Promoting Talent In The City | In a bid to give a platform to all aspiring singers and dancers in the city, the Delhi Government recently launched an app that will allow all these peeps to showcase their skills. Isn’t that great? 

The app, called Delhi’s Date With Democracy, aims at bringing to the fore the hidden talent of its denizens to a bigger stage. Everyone, irrespective of age, can send in their entries for two categories - singing and dancing. The last date for sending the entries is 29th March, guys! So hurry scurry, AND, make sure that your entry is 5 minutes or less!

After the online screening, selections will be done for 272 wards all across the city. From ward level, the selections will move to Vidhan Sabha level, cluster district level and eventually to Delhi city level.

So get your steps in order and croon your tunes to perfection people! This is your chance!

Last Date For Submission Of Entries | Thursday, 29th March
Here’s Their FB Page |
Download The App On Android Here |

Sourced Via NDTV