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Delhi Govt. Is Proccuring 1 Lakh Oximeters To Monitor Oxygen Levels Of Home-Isolated Patients

Delhi Insider 29 June 2020


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With the mounting number of new Coronavirus infections every day, there are now a number of people under home isolation. So, to ensure that they don’t face any problem, here’s what the Delhi Government plans to do. 

To Monitor Oxygen Levels | One of the main problems that patients under home isolation are facing is the sudden drop in oxygen levels. And so, all those patients will now be provided with oximeters to monitor their oxygen levels. As you must all be aware, this virus affects the respiratory system, causing breathlessness. Now, the same can be monitored by oximetres and medical teams can provide assistance through calls.

The government is buying 1 lakh pulse-oximeters for this purpose. A small clip-on device will be attached to the fingers to monitor oxygen levels in the body. So, if the oxygen level is below 90% then the patient will require admission in hospital as the normal range is anywhere between 95% to 100%. Did you know an oximeter is priced between Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,000?

Yep, so spread the word, eat healthy food and make sure you step out only if it’s an emergency. Stay home and stay safe. 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times