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Delhi Govt. Has Decided To Offer Upto 100% Waiver On Water Dues & We Can't Believe It



Delhi has recently seen quite a number of developments when it comes to civic issues. And this recent announcement by the Delhi Government has made paying water arrears much easier. 

Here's What's Flowing | The Delhi Government has announced the move give a one-time waiver on water arrears. This also included an exemption from late fee payments for all categories of houses. Yep, this immunity will be given along with pending bills being waived either partially or fully based on the housing category. 

The announcement is valid for arrears until March 2019 and might give a boost of Rs 600 crores to the state government through the recovery of a chunk of deficit. Properties falling in the house tax categories of A & B will get 25%, the ones in C will get 50% and for category D, there will be 75% waiver in the payment. While the ones in the categories of E, F, G and H will get a waiver on the ENTIRE amount!

Did you know there are about 1.3 million water consumers whose payments are due? Yep, that's absolutely true and the move has been taken to clear the Jal Board's books. The government has updated its meters and while some of the payments have fallen in arrears due to the consumers, others haven’t been paid ‘cause of incorrect billing. 

What are your thoughts on this move by the Delhi Government?

Sourced Via Livemint