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Delhi Govt. Has Asked Hospitals To Issue COVID-Free Certificates After Recovery

Delhi Insider 23 June 2020


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People who’ve recovered from the deadly virus are facing some difficulties going back to their lives. And to make sure it’s not stigmatised, this is what the Delhi Government has in store for the recovering patients.

A Certificate Of Assurance | Hospitals have been directed to issue COVID-free certificates to the patients that are being discharged from the hospitals. The motive behind this move is to help people go back to their normal lives once they recover. Plus, it will reduce the travel issues in railways and flights. Till now the patients were being discharged with no confirmatory tests. However, one has to realise that this is not an immunity certificate but that of recovery.

The certificate must mention, “This is to certify that I have examined …. He/She has recovered from COVID and does not pose a risk to the community. He/ She is asymptomatic at the time of discharge”, the government said.

Folks, let’s keep adhering to all the social distancing norms and try not stepping out unless it’s an absolute necessity. Till then, stay home and stay safe.

Sourced Via Hindustan Times