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This Announcement Just Made Delhi’s Electricity The CHEAPEST In The Country (What)?!


We often hear taunts from our parents, asking us to switch off the fans and lights to avoid hefty electricity bills, right? Well, the Delhi Government, in its latest move, has made sure that we don’t waste electricity with quite a tempting incentive!

Did We Hear FREE Electricity? | So, the Delhi Government recently announced FREE electricity for power consumption of up to 200 units. Yep, you read that absolutely correct. So, if your electricity units don’t exceed 200 units, then you get full subsidy on your bill. The announcement by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also mentioned that those who consume between 201 - 401 units of electricity will continue to get around 50% of the subsidy from the government!

So according to the statement, people who used to pay Rs 622 for the usage of 200 units won’t have to pay anything any more, those paying Rs 800 for 250 units will be paying Rs 252, those using 300 units at Rs 971 will now be charged Rs 526 and for 400 units they’ll be paying Rs 1,075 instead of Rs 1,320.  

This sounds like a major revision in tariff, what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

Sourced Via IndiaToday