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Delhi Government May Use Robots To Clean The City's Sewers & Septic Tanks


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Robots have the potential to positively transform lives and that’s exactly why our very own Delhi Government plans to embrace this technology - read on to find out what we’re talking about!

Robots Might Clean Sewers In Delhi | The Delhi Government aims to completely eradicate manual scavenging and the solution for that might be new-age cleaning robots! They were inspired by a robot named Bandicoot developed by a Kerala based start-up Genrobotics, which is a semi-automatic robot with cameras & a bucket to collect waste and requires a human operator to navigate when a manhole is not of a standard size or there are multiple sewer lines below. Sounds cool, eh?

The government plans to stop the inhuman practice of manual scavenging and might introduce a fully mechanised system to clean the sewage system and septic tanks using this robot.

Let’s hope we see this cutting edge new technology at work in the city!

Sourced Via The Time Of India