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The Delhi Government Has Announced Cancellation Of All State University Exams



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Students have been uncertain due to everchanging notifications by the government regarding their promotions. It’s particularly difficult for those in the final year as notifications about exam dates keep changing. So, recently an announcement was made for the students of Delhi state universities, which might give some clarity to students.

No Exams Anymore?! | On Saturday, the 11th of July, it was announced by the Delhi Government that it has now decided to scrap examinations for all the state-run universities. This also includes final year students as the government feels it would be unjust to ask students to appear for their exams amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, it’s not even fair to hold their degrees and hinder their future.

All these students will be promoted to the next semester and the final year students will be evaluated on the basis of their past performances. The parameters for this evaluation will have to be decided by the university itself.

Do you think this is a good move?

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