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Delhi Gets 16 Ambu-Bikes For The First Time Ever That'll Cut The Response Time In Half



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Delhi’s first ever ambulance bikes are up and running! Launched in congested areas of the city, these bikes will be dispatched with ambulance vans in order to cut down on the response time. Scroll down to know more about the cool features of these ambu-bikes!

Quick & Speedy Help | 16 bike ambulances were launched in the city on Thursday, the 7th of February, to provide first aid and emergency services to those in need of urgent care. These bikes come equipped with medical kits, 3 beacons, a siren and a GPS-enabled tablet. The bikes will be operational in three districts of East, Northeast Delhi and Shahdara. We’re totally applauding this move, as these ambu-bikes will be able to navigate needle-thin alleyways and lanes with relative ease, not to mention getting through severe traffic snarls.

The medical kits in these bikes shall contain an ambu-bag for assisted breathing, a glucometer and pulse oximeter to check a person’s blood sugar, a manual suction machine to clear the airways and foldable transfer sheets that can be used to move a person through narrow stairs and lanes.

We call this a brilliant move that’ll benefit hundreds of people in need!

Sourced Via The Hindustan Times