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Bobbee Singh is Swankily Transforming Royal Enfields Into Breathtaking Vintage Masterpieces!

Delhi Dweller 14 July 2016


In India, being a mechanic is a profession that's mainly scoffed at and looked down upon, but Bobbee Singh broke away from the social stigma and followed his passion rather than choosing to be a doctor or an engineer as is expected of every kid in the society!

Fantasizing about bikes as a kid, Bobbee grew up to become the man behind 'Old Delhi Motorcycles' which is the ultimate destination to pimp up Royal Enfields. It all started with dismantling and rebuilding bikes at an early age which intensified his zeal to give bikes a thorough and awesome makeover. We're totally loving the originality!

It's no surprise that Old Delhi Motorcycles can boast of clientele hailing from Europe and America too. Now that you know just how cool Bobbee Singh is, go give your baby a vintage makeover!

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