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Delhi Autos May Soon Charge Rs 25 For The 1st Km Instead Of The First 2 Kms

Delhi Insider 28 July 2018


Autos are literally the lifeline for us Dilliwallas! For all those routes that the metro does not cover, or the short distances where booking a cab becomes inconvenient - autos come to the rescue! So all you frequent auto travellers, we’ve got some news for you. Read on. 

Auto Fares May Increase! Aww Snap! | An auto ride may become more expensive for us Delhizens soon, as CM Kejriwal has given his approval to a new fare slab structure after he met about 500 auto rickshaw drivers in the city. 

The revised fares are yet to be approved by the State Transport Authority, however, as per the new fare structure, autos will now charge Rs 25 for the first km, followed by Rs 10 for each subsequent km. Currently, the fare is Rs 25 for the first 2 kms and Rs 8 for subsequent kms. 

Basically, there might be roughly a 35% increase in auto fare for a distance of 5 kms and  30% increase for distances of 10 kms. So if you’re travelling rom Lodhi Road to CP, the auto fare may rise from the current Rs 49 to Rs 65. And if you’re travelling from IGI Airport’s T3 to CP, then you might see a fare hike from Rs 169 to Rs 215. 

Let’s see whether this fare hike does get approval!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times