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We Love This Plush Market In South Delhi, And We're Here To Tell You All About it

So Delhi 24 Oct 2019


Defence Colony, usually referred to as Def Col is a plush market located in New Delhi which offers you a whole range of item to shop for besides varied entertainment options. From bustling food joints to quiet book stores, from up-to-the-minute garment shops to florists, the Defence Colony market is sure to leave you impressed. Mentioned below are some of the places that must be visited when here.


Sagar Ratna is famous for South Indian food, Shack is popular for Seafood and Moet’s serves you delicious Chinese, north Indian and Mexican food to satisfy your palette. Soi 46 serves up delectable Thai and Asian food and Kent’s Fast Food is famous for the best burgers in town. For smoky Indian kebabs, outstanding rolls and biryani you must visit Colonel’s Kababz or the fairly new Rollmaal for its funky ambience and innovative rolls.

Cafes & Bars

Mocha and Café WTF are very well known cafes located all over Delhi where you can enjoy a peaceful cuppa coffee with your dear ones. Café WTF also provides beers and other alcoholic beverages. If you are looking for a place to chill then Booze, Vodka Bar and Shooters Bar & Grill are the places in Defence Colony market where you can enjoy live performances over a sip of wine. These easy-on-the-pocket places offer free internet as well. There's also Rock A Fella which is an ideal place to spend an evening with friends.

Flowers, Fruits and Veggies 

This market also caters to the locals by providing groceries and other amenities. Rajindra Florist, L K Bombay Florist, and Kamal Florist are pretty famous here whereas Allied Fruit & Florists Private Limited or Pindi Fruit Mart offers you exotic fruits, vegetables and flowers. 

Artistically & Traditionally Inclined

1469 Workshop in Defence Colony market is an arts and crafts store that grabs your attention with amazing traditional artefacts, phulkari’s and designer pots. There are also quite a few art galleries located in Defence Colony such as Damayanti Art Gallery, Old Channel and Vadehra Art Gallery etc.

Garment Galore

If you are going to Defence Colony for shopping, then visit chic stores such as Pratinava, Pernia’s, Satya Paul or the regular West 17, Standard Stores, Benetton and Uni Style Image. These places will definitely add to your style quotient. 

Sweetness All Around

If you have a sweet tooth then Defence Colony market is the best place to put out your cravings. With so many bakeries and dessert shops around, you just can not stop yourself from visiting the place again and again. Regency is one such bakery which is known for delectable cup cakes, pastries, donuts and other baked products, Defence Bakery is another local haunt. You must also try the cakes and brownies from Angels in My Kitchen and equally popular is Café Brown Sugar.

With all these lovely places to check out, Defence Colony Market remains one of the most sought after areas to have fun in Delhi.