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Decoding & Savoring The Circular, Ancient Feroz Shah Kotla Baoli



Feroz Shah Kotla is one of the major archaeological clusters of Delhi. It is so vast and intricate that each of its individual structures demands special attention, including the Jami Masjid and the Pyramidal structure by the side of it, however, the Baoli, which is not very far from them, is also an important part of the entire complex.  

This 14th century construction was the heart of the city of Ferozabad, built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq, who wanted to build something of his own, although his ancestors had already built the magnificent Tughlaqabad monuments. 

Decoding the Baoli

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As anyone acquainted with the history of Delhi knows, the city boasts of a number of baolis or step wells belonging to different eras. Even among them, the Kotla Baoli stands out due to its distinctive circular structure. The original stone structure still looks formidable and is now surrounded from all sides with iron grills for protection. 

The lawns surrounding it are well-manicured and seasonal flowers provide an exotic look to the entire setting. There must have been higher walls and gates which have somewhat collapsed now, but the Baoli still looks pretty good compared to the other dilapidated ones in the city. 

Unfortunately, the entrance remains locked nowadays. This is actually the case with most of the baolis currently, owing to some unfortunate accidents. Baolis are deep structures with several storeys underground and some of them still hold stagnant/underground water. So, accidental slips and drownings are a real possibility, especially with children, which is why they are locked nowadays. Nevertheless, you can peep through the railings and the holes in the wall to get a closer view of the inaccessible interiors.

A Bird's Eye View

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The best view of this magnificent structure is the view from the top, because that is the only way you can glimpse the complete circular structure. All you have to do is to climb up the Pyramidal structure nearby. With each level of the Pyramid, you will see greater views of the Baoli. If you have a binocular or a zoom lens, you can also have a closer view of the interiors from there. If you still want to get inside, try to locate the caretaker and request to do so, but you have to be really lucky in this regard! 

Reaching the Baoli

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Feroz Shah Kotla is a well-known landmark located on the Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. You can move northwards from the Pragati Maidan Metro Station to locate the area. There are some city parks in front, and once you get past them, you'll find the entrance where you need to buy tickets. Once you enter the complex, try to locate the site map installed there or just walk around exploring all the structures to finally locate the Baoli. You can also turn your trip into a delectable date with history by combining it with the Purana Qila which is not very far from here.

If you're bored of roaming around the same malls in the city and crave some culture, you know where to head to now!