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DDA Is Planning To Come Up With 100 New Parking Facilities To Ease Your Parking Woes


If the people of Delhi have a common complaint, it definitely has to be PARKING. And if you own a vehicle, someday or the other you might have come across difficulties in scavenging for appropriate space for your vehicle. Now, to vanish your woes, DDA has planned to introduce multilevel parking areas all across the city. Here’s more on this happy news!

Stacked On Top Of One Another | So, the Delhi Development Authority is planning to come up with 100 new parking facilities which will include puzzle parking as well as mechanised and multilevel parking. DDA is identifying the sites and plans to construct them in different parts of the city. Currently, there are 20 multilevel parking facilities in Delhi and 100 more will come up in the future.

The parking lots will come up in a public-private partnership in residential and commercial areas where DDA will provide the land and private agencies will construct the facilities. DDA also plans to provide toilet and water facilities and might see shops and eateries popping up! Did you know that each year an additional 38 hectares of parking space is required in the city? This number increases if you add the parking space required by two-wheelers.

So, in a time where people fight over parking, this news comes as a sign of relief and let’s hope it’s beneficial for the major chunk of Delhiites!

Sourced Via The Times Of India