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Daryaganj's Legendary Sunday Book Market Has Shifted To A New Place

Delhi Insider 18 Sept 2019


Remember all those early morning visits to the Sunday Book Market, shouldering empty jholas and bags to stuff ‘em up with all our fave books and novels? Well, the recent news of the market closing down left us heartbroken and caused quite a ruckus among the customers as well as the shopkeepers. But now, the market is back at a brand new spot and here’s everything you need to know.

The Palace Of Books | Did you guys know that our all-time fave Daryaganj Sunday Book Market which had been shut since July has now reopened at a new address? Yep, that’s right! So, basically this market on the NS Marg near Jama Masjid was shut down after the orders from Delhi High Court because of the excessive traffic throughout the day and all weekly markets were ordered to close down after the notice.

The market has now shifted to Mahila Haat in Chandni Chowk right opposite Broadway Hotel. Around 139 vendors had set up their stalls at the new site and they’ll have to pay a rent of Rs 200 per day. However, there were some protests regarding the site as many vendors wanted an area on the road between Golcha Cinema and Delite Cinema as their spot.

We’re overjoyed with the fact that the iconic market has opened up and would be heading over this Sunday. 

Sourced Via The Indian Express