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Darn! Uber Hikes *Ride Time* Fare by 50% Across Delhi NCR

So Delhi 10 Jan 2017


After giving us crazy discounts lately, Uber has increased their prices by 50%! Yes, it’s true! All of a sudden the taxi service company has hiked the "ride time" of its fare base, increasing it from Rs 1 per minute to Rs 1.5 per minute. This is across all the categories of the vehicles, specifically UberGo and UberX. 

‘Ride Time’ fare is the total time taken to complete the trip via which the total fare is calculated keeping the base fare, time taken and distance travelled in mind. The increase in ride time is a major curse because riders anyway pay more for peak hour travel and now they’ll have to pay more for increase in ride time too! This is a major drawback Uber! 

Let’s see how this affects the cab market now, because the customer is sure to suffer. 

Sourced Via Times Of India