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Danke Beer @ 69, Jagermeister Shots @ 150 & Jagerbomb @ 200: Have A Kickass Time HERE

So Delhi 9 June 2017


The weekend is here and with it the struggles and toils of the week gone by can be put behind us in view of the two days of hibernation that awaits us! By hibernation, we mean rest from work, not an end to the fun factor a weekend promises. Because we appreciate a good weekend just as much as you do, you’d wanna hear this!

Stay High With This | Our beloved Taksim @ Ansal Plaza with its beautiful designer bar amidst contemporary interiors and global cuisine will be playing host to the fourth edition of ‘Stay High Session’! *YAS* We’re in love with what they’ve brought to the table this time!

Get This | This Stay High Session promises Danke beer @ Rs 69, Jägermeister Shots @ Rs 150 and Jägerbombs @ Rs 200 *woohoo* as well as two fantastic DJs who would be keeping the entertainment quotient real high!

We’re excited about our Saturday, how about you?!

When | Saturday, 10th June
Time | 12 PM Onwards
Where | Taksim, Ansal Plaza
Ring Ring | +91 9999 755 991
FB Event Deets |