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Dance it Out Y'all! Sign up For This Cool Bhangra Cardio Workout Session @ Delhi Rock

City Wire 11 Apr 2018


Bhangra is a style of dance for which nobody needs any motivation or incentive - just play the right Punjabi track and everybody automatically gets into the bhangra mode!

Nowadays, as bhangra is being considered a very athletic and great way of working out, Dancend's hosting an awesome Signature Bhangra Cardio Workout workshop. 

This workshop is being curated by Ruchi Pushkarna, who's created a great technique by combining yoga and pilates stretches with bhangra to make your workouts as fun as possible!

If you hate working out but can't resist diving into a bhangra session when your favourite Punjabi number comes on, this is going to really help you shed those kilos!

Where | Delhi Rock, Opposite M 39, GK II
When | 10th July
Timings | 11:30 AM - 1 PM
Charges | Rs 800