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Cutesy Joint Waffles & Crepes in Noida Lets You Make Your Own Delicious Waffles & Crepes!

So Delhi 19 Sept 2016


Waffles & Crepes is a modest little outlet in Noida offering delicious 'Make Your Own' waffles & crepes, plus varied shakes, ice creams and other munchies like Masala Fries and Cheese Nuggets! 

The best part about the place is that everything is made right in front of you, 'cause they've got a live kitchen. 

What to Try | Fire Chicken Wings, Pizza Crepe, Choco Mud Shake, Milk Chocolate Waffle with Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream - yum yum!

Noida is quickly becoming quite the hub for foodies - go try!  

Meal For Two | Rs 250
Location | Sector 37, Godavari Complex, Noida