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Cutesy Handmade Stationery Made Out Of Actual Elephant Poo! Check Out This Online Store

So Delhi 4 Mar 2017


Elephant paper made from elephant poo? WOAH! Now this sounds funny!

If you love collecting good handmade stationery and care about the environment and wildlife preservation, then this is something you should definitely check out. Vijender Shekhawat, the mastermind behind this crazy idea, has said that this paper is for all those who love nature AND love paper as well! How crazy is it though, elephant poo for paper? 

Tourists from all over the world have visited their factory to see how their paper is made and how the entire process is carried out. Jaipur just got another tourist attraction guys! From this paper, they not only make notebooks but frames, bags, tags, photo albums and various other knick knacks. Cute!

For details on the pricing and designs, you should get in touch with them on your next visit to Jaipur, stationery enthusiasts! But you do have to check it out though! 

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