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Curry Dimsums, Chocolate Wontons & More, Orient Heritage Home Delivers Yummy Delicacies

So Delhi 18 May 2018


If you, like us, think that the best way to make a Dilliwala truly happy is by treating them with a plate full of dimsums dipped in spicy sauces, then you’re gonna love Orient Heritage!

Dimsums, Wontons, Curries & Loads More | Orient Heritage is a delivery place that’ll spoil you with choices as their never ending menu is filled with tons of Pan-Asian delicacies. Call us bhukkads but we couldn’t help ordering and trying out their yummy dishes and boy we’re glad that we did! 

For starters, we sampled their juicy and spicy Chicken Seafood Siu Mai Dimsums and the crunchy Curry Dimsums that were absolutely amazing. Next we tried their Thai Green Curry that made us fall in love with this place! 

If you’re a sucker for Pan Asian food, then we say you sample their Asian Lasagne cause it’s a cheesy delight to your taste buds. Coming to the best part of the meal - the Chocolate Wontons! These wontons were fried and filled with loads of chocolate, peanut butter and chunks of bananas!

So, the next time you call in all your friends for a party, don’t forget to order the yummilicious food from this place. 

Meal For Two | Rs 850
Timings | 12 Noon - 11PM
Call Them For Orders | +91 11 4932 7386
Check Out Their FB Page |
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