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header image cover Will Motivate You To Workout At Home With Their Live Fitness Sessions!

Editors 3 Apr 2020


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Already a number of days in the lockdown, if you’re someone who’s regular at the gym, working out must be one thing that you must be missing dearly. Hello, fitness enthusiasts, we’re here to tell you about this app that lets you follow LIVE workout sessions.

Gym Feels At Home | is a fitness app that lets you track your habits and guides you in leading a healthy lifestyle. But the reason why we’re totally loving this app is for the LIVE workout sessions that they have scheduled. From dance fitness to full-body workout, they have classes spanning across several fitness routines. 

To get you in the complete workout feels make sure to sign-up for your sesh, pick a spot in your home where your movement is not hindered, join the session to a minute earlier so that you can set up your mobile/laptop and then just get started!

Yep, all you’ve gotta do is login and then select your fitness centre where you can follow the routine of your choice. And voila! You’re in for one healthy routine and boy, it is going to be motivating to have someone workout with you!

This app is available on the App Store and Play Store, so make the most of it!

Download on GooglePlay Here |
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