Shubhi Tiwari

Cupcakes, Brownies & Cakes: 7 Awesome Bakeries In Gurgaon To Satiate Your Sugar Cravings

Craving for a sugar rush that’ll leave you with a mellow happy high? We’ve got just the perfect list of bakeries for you to scurry over in Gurugram! Stressed spelt backwards is ‘desserts’ and everyone knows how relievingly true that is. We’ve been going gaga over these 7 awesome sauce places and know you would too - scroll on and happy binging!

1. Bombaykery

What started out as a delivery-only outlet now has its own little place in the heart of Cyber Hub. Bombaykery is known for its yummylicious desserts (read DIVINE Nutella Cookies) and we simply cannot get enough of ‘em! We’ve heard their Raspberry Macarons and Banoffee Pie are to die for, and they also customize these super cute boxes of assorted bakes which we think are awesome! Don’t believe us? Check ‘em out!

Dessert For Two | Rs 500
Where | DLF Cyber Hub & 1st Floor, Shiva Market, Near Vakil Market, Chakkarpur, DLF Phase IV
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2. Sibang Bakery

Picture Credits: Kanti K. Dua

This damn famous Japanese - Korean bakery in GTown is renowned for its authentic fresh bakes. If your palate is craving for desserts hailing from another cuisine, this is THE place to visit! Sibang Bakery will welcome you with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and serve you some of the best breads and Apple Pie we know of! 

Dessert For Two | Rs 500
Where | DLF South Point Mall, Golf Course Road

3. Theobroma

This renowned bakery from Mumbai FINALLY made its way to the national capital and there’s no way Gurgaon would’ve missed keeping a couple of outlets to itself. ‘Food for the Gods’ is what Theobroma thinks it makes and we wouldn’t disagree. Their pastries are an absolute delight, and their brownies are baked with pure love and masses of chocolate. You have to come drop by here!

Dessert For Two | Rs 400
Where | DLF Cyber Hub & Ground Floor, Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV
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4. Sweet Obsession

Picture Credits: Aakash Jain

Being one of the oldest bakeries in Gurgaon, this outlet has managed to not just retain, but even improve and enhance the quality of its offerings over the years. Their Swiss Roll Gateaux and Death By Chocolate are dishes you shouldn’t miss at all because they’re mind-blowing - to say the least! Defo call ‘em up for all your cake needs peeps!

Dessert For Two | Rs 450
Where | D-142, Shopping Mall, Arjun Marg, DLF Phase 1
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5. Crepe Fe

This home-delivery outlet whips up some scrumptious French Crepes, Belgian Waffles, Italian Gelato Ice-creams and shakes, and New York bagels *OMG YASS* and delivers them right to your doorstep even as late as 11 PM. Their sweet crepes are perfect for turning a cranky day around or curing an annoying hangover and we’re super kicked to try them out - how ‘bout you?!

Dessert For Two | Rs 500
Where | 357/28, Basement, Sector 28, Golf Course Road
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6. Waffle Chowk

Probably the most famous waffle truck in the food truck area in GTown, Waffle Chowk makes some kickass waffles that will definitely leave you wanting more! Their fresh, crunchy waffles are adored all over the city and we’ve heard that their Nutella Brownie Waffle, Oreo Waffle, and Banana Toffee Waffle are pure magical indulgence!

Dessert For Two | Rs 350
Where | Food Truck Area, Leisure Valley Parking, Sector 29
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7. Binge

This Is A Representative Image

We think this is one bakery in Gurgaon that deserves a lot more attention than it actually gets. Hidden away in a market, Binge bakes some of the best desserts we’ve had. Their Fruit Tarts are simply delicious, and their Chocolate Shake is nothing short of heavenly! We’ve heard their pastries and mousses are equally drool-worthy, so come drop by sometime after work!

Dessert For Two | Rs 400
Where | Ground Floor, Qutab Plaza Market, DLF Phase 1
Here’s Their FB Page |

So this was our two cents on the best bakeries currently dotting Gurugram - let us know if we missed any under-rated gems that should be on this list!