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Cruising On Its Abounding Popularity, Nukkadwala's All Set To Hit KNags Next You Guys!



After receiving major success in Gurgaon and Saket, Nukkadwala will finally hit base in Kamla Nagar, and we can’t wait for it to open! We might rave about visiting various diverse cafes around town but at the end of the day, street food has its own charm that we just can’t say no to, and that’s where Nukkadwala comes in. 

Can you imagine pigging out on all your cherished street eats under one roof? Now you can! At Nukkadwala, you get to feast on the most relished street foods from all over India, in a contemporary, comfy setting! *Drooling already*

Grab A Chatpata Bite | Dishes on offer include Dabeli from Gujarat, Vada Pav & Bun Anda from Mumbai, Benne Dosa from Karnataka, Keema Samosas, Howrah Veg Cutlet & Alur Dum with Pav from Kolkata and all the piquant snacks you can think of *grinning happily*!

We personally love chaat and are so happy that all thanks to Nukkadwala’s hygienic setting, hopefully we won’t be crying about an upset stomach later on, unlike with the roadside-thela street food! 

Meal For Two | Rs 350
Where | Kamla Nagar