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Crossword's Massive Book Collection Is Now Available Online, So Let The Hoarding Begin!

So Delhi 20 Aug 2018


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This Image Is From Their Mumbai Outlet

Bibliophiles, greetings to you from fellow book lovers! Tell us something, does the paucity of time to go to your fave Crossword bookstore often leave you despondent? Oh, no worries anymore! Come read on as we share some great news with you!

Time To Shop Online From Crossword! | Book lovers, Crossword is now giving you super swamped peeps a chance to shop online at the webstore of Shoppers Stop! So, if you can’t take time out of your busy schedules to visit the bookstore, just log onto the website of Shoppers Stop and buy as many novels as you fancy!

There’s also a 20% off on famous titles like Harry Potter (oh yay!), Sidney Sheldon, Paulo Coelho and many more! So, the next time you crib about not having enough books to read, you know where to go, don’t you?

Let the splurging begin people, and don’t miss out on the classic novels like To Kill A Mockingbird, Paulo Coelho's Spy and of course our fave, Agatha Christie!

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