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Crispy, Cheesy & Topped With Nachos: Have You Tried The Nachos Pizza @ Echoes?



Satya Niketan, the hang out spot for all South Campus students has a majorly loved joint called Echoes and they’re opening a second outlet in the other major university student hangout area - Hudson Lane in North Campus! 

The one thing that we’re honestly super excited to go try there is this super funky concoction of Mexican with Italian that they’ve got. They’ve got a Mexican Pizza that is absolutely drool-some! 

The base was flatbread, which was not too thin. It was super crispy and we’ll just say - molto bene! It was warm and had corn and jalapenos and *drum roll please*, it came topped with NACHOS! The nachos were crispy as well and fortunately, they didn’t become soggy. Yum yum!

This pizza is one of those things which gives you a moment of clarity and makes you realize that there’s so much to explore in this world and how badly you needed this combo in your life!

So head on over and check out this AH-MAZING Mexican Pizza right away!!

Meal For Two | Rs 600
Where | 17, Level 1, Satya Niketan
Check Out Their FB Page |