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Cringe-Worthy Toilets Scaring You? Revolutionary Pee-Buddy Lets You Stand & Pee

So Delhi 9 Nov 2017


We aren’t here to start any gender-based debate but if we ask all the ladies out there - what is the one thing that guys can do and you wish you could too? We’ll give you one - the ability to stand and pee anywhere and everywhere *hear us scream - ewwww*! We mean, it’s so easy for the guys, they don’t have to face the horrors of a public toilet. Well, looks like ‘ache din’ for us ladies are here too! Read up to know what we’re talking about.

Stand Tall | Pee-Buddy - a saviour, a messiah and an angel, this concept is all this and more! A brain child of First Step Digital Pvt Ltd, Pee-Buddy was invented to put to rest all the inconveniences women face while using a public toilet. So, no more avoiding liquid intake for fear of using a public toilet or crouching or draining out rolls after rolls of toilet paper to ward off diseases like UTIs while peeing in there!     

Coming back to Pee-Buddy, the pack has a paper-coated funnel-like funner which need to be placed between your legs right under the flow area, then aim for the toilet and let the dam flow! Once done, wrap up the funner and throw it away - easy peasy!

A total saviour, nahi? No more dirty, cringe-worthy public toilet seats, just stand and pee and be UTI-free!

Price Per Pack | Rs 200 (Pack Of 10) & Rs 375 (Pack Of 20) 
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