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Crime Master Gogo Shakti Kapoor To Open New Restaurant In Dehradun Followed By Delhi Too!

So Delhi 12 June 2017


Crime Master Gogo is all set to become a restaurateur now from ‘bad man’! Shakti Kapoor is soon gonna be launching his first eatery, cleverly called Aaoo Lolita, harking back to his famed catchphrase in the Sridevi-Jitendra-starrer Tohfa! 

The restaurant is in for a launch on his birthday, i.e., September 3rd in Dehradun and we just can’t wait to check it out! It’ll be for all his fans who are all about good food and clubbing. It’ll combine royalty with club culture, and give you an experience like no other. He’s got this venture going in collaboration with Tushar Kumar, the owner of Food and Entertainment City in Dehradun.

Shakti Kapoor definitely plans on bringing this restaurant to Delhi and Mumbai as well soon! The plans are to include everything that people love these days, hookah, alcohol and yummy Continental and Indian cuisine! Perfect! 

Can’t wait to check it out! 

Where | Dehradun

Sourced Via DNA India