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Craving Yummy & Quick Pan-Asian? Captain Chang Will Serve You From Lunch Till 4 AM!

So Delhi 15 Apr 2017


If Asian cuisine makes your heart sing then you wanna hear this. Captain Grub’s Oriental brother Captain Chang serves some delectable Chinese and Thai that we’ve savoured over and over again and can’t get enough of. Why, you ask? Because they’ve soothed our cravings at 2 in the morning when we went to bed with empty tummies after skipping that bland mess ka khana *we can see you nodding in agreement here*. 

They’ve taken us on a Thai food trail while we sat on our comfy couches and dug into their scrumptious food. We have a zillion reasons and here’s the most awesome one for you!

Dishing The Deets | Captain Chang has come bearing such great news for us - they’ll start serving food from noon till 4 AM! *WOAH* That’s making us cry out with joy! Now those hungry afternoons and nights will cease to exist.

Already gearing up to order in? Get cracking!

Timings | Noon - 4 AM
Meal For Two | Rs 1,000
Here’s Their FB Page |
Call Them |
+91 8130 568 383, +91 8130 578 383