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Craving a Hot Dog? Choose From Lionfresh's Vast Variety of Sausages And Make it at Home!

So Delhi 11 Apr 2018


Something that fits the bill whether you are considering it for a hefty breakfast, a mid-day snack or a sumptuous lunch is a hot dog, and when the sausage is super juicy and tender, it ends up being a finger-lickin’ good experience! 

You ask who we trust blindly for our share of succulent sausages? Lionfresh's vast variety and top notch quality never gives us a chance to order up from anywhere else.

Be it the usual Chicken Franks or Chicken and Cheese sausages, you just need to slather on a little mustard, envelope it with well toasted buns and voila your hot dog is ready to be devoured! 

Lionfresh always leaves our tummy growling for more! 

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