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CP Will Now Start A Park & Ride Facility That Includes Ferrying People To & Fro In Electric Cars!

City Wire 12 Apr 2017


NDMC failed to execute the ‘Pedestrians Only’ policy and now they’re here with a new thing that ‘hopefully’ they’ll be able to execute fully - ‘Park-and-Ride’! 

Connaught Place is now starting a park-and-ride facility for visitors in this central Delhi hotspot! Two electric cars have already been introduced and four more will be brought to start the trial run. The electric cars will be used to ferry people from the Shivaji Stadium parking lot to the Inner Circle of Connaught Place! 

This will be done on a trial basis to see how it runs and then probably the ‘Car-Free’ plan will be executed. Based in the heart of the city, CP is a traffic nightmare on most days! Hopefully after this move, things will be better. 

Good going NDMC!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times