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Couples Need a Room, Not Judgement' is What StayUncle Preaches & We Couldn't Agree More!

So Delhi 24 Oct 2016


With the absolutely snappy tagline ‘Couples need a room, not a judgement’ StayUncle is here to save you unmarried couples all the judgement *phew*! 

With StayUncle, all unmarried couples will be saved from the misery of looking for a room in another city because their ID won’t get them one in their own! You can easily book rooms for 10 hours by paying for just those 10 hours as well, and not the minimum 12 like in every other place, with a local ID in your own city! We've been waiting for you StayUncle.

They’ve got a good number of safe and good hotels under their label, which promise security and comfort to all couples out there! 

So all you happy couples out there - please get a room (literally)! 

Tariff Per Night | Rs 1,500 Onwards
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