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Could E-Mandis Be The Newest thing? Grab Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Online



Getting way too tech savvy you say? We say this is too ambitious! So the plan is to transform the wholesale fruits and veggies market into ‘e-mandis’. Yep, you read that right! Adding a li’l technical aspect, all the supplies going to the mandis will now be tracked on a real-time basis!

Seems just a tad far fetched, but if implemented correctly this would completely eliminate the middleman and give farmers their suitable shares of much-deserved profit. The government’s first target is the Azadpur Mandi as it’s touted to be the largest mandi in Asia. We are all agog!

What’s The Plan | To make real time data available for the vendors online, there will be a transparent auction system where all the vendors will be aware of what quantity and type of produce is entering the market, and they can then bid accordingly.

Will they really be able to adapt to everything going online? Let’s just hope this works out!

Source | The Hindu