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Cook Up A Storm with Fresh, Exotic & Unique Recipe Ingredients by Cook Gourmet

So Delhi 2 June 2016


The best part about cooking is you get to make innovative recipes but that comes along with the arduous task of chopping and assembling all the ingredients right? So what if we told you that you could do away with the latter? Here's where Cook Gourmet steps in.

How it works | Their in house chefs curate recipes for you to choose. So once you select what suits you, they deliver all the ingredients in the right proportions to your doorstep and voila you're ready to cook!

Why we love them | First off these guys reduce your cooking time substantially and secondly it's your ticket to get an insight into their chefs' special recipes. It's a real win win situation!

So start ordering and we say take full credit for whipping up a lip smacking meal. *wink*

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