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Consult Doctors Online Via The Swasth App If You Have Symptoms Like Cough & Cold

Delhi Insider 17 June 2020


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Let’s admit it, visiting a hospital for consultation is one of the most dreaded tasks under the prevailing situation. It’s all the more daunting when you have symptoms like cold and cough. So, to save you from this ordeal, there’s an app that allows consultation via video call and we’re here to tell you about the same. 

Now Just A Call Away! | Swasth App is a telemedicine platform that provides assistance to the patients showing symptoms of COVID-19. The idea is to bring together all those involved on the frontline from labs to doctors together, to reduce the number of offline visits. To access the services, you can make use of the link given on the Arogya Setu App. 

For a consultation, all you’ve gotta do is scan the QR code on the website from your phone, then open the website on your phone and talk to a doctor. Plus, as of now, consultation is also free, so it just makes everything a tad bit easier for the users and the working hours are from 9 AM - 9 PM on all seven days. Did you know the consultation, the diagnosis, the prescription, and the recommendations are private?

Yes, so let someone who needs to see this, know about the app.

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